The Uncle Louie Variety Show

The Uncle Louie Variety Show

From stand-up comedy acts, original songs, and entertaining sketches, this Italian-American comedy duo can do it all.
The Uncle Louie Variety Show has been making people laugh all over the world from the USA to Canada to Australia!! From comedy sketches about growing up Italian to characters and original music, this multi-talented comedy duo will have you laughing and singing from start to finish!

The Uncle Louie Variety Show is composed of two hilarious Italian-American comedians, Carlo Russo, and Lou Greco. For many years, they have been making people laugh through their unique brand of comedy that brings memories of how it was like to grow up as an Italian.

Their live shows always exceed the audience’s expectations. They do different acts as the lovable Uncle Louie and Pasqualino characters. The duo also performs original music and stand-up comedy.

Listen to the amusing stories and humorous jokes of these comedians! They will surely make you smile, laugh out loud, and even cry out tears of joy.

Born & raised in Windsor (border town to Detroit, Michigan) the unique mix of Canadian & American music is a huge influence on his blend of folk, rock & soul. Find out more:

Thursday November 21st, 2019 | $45
7:30 pm | Doors 6:30 pm


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